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Photovoltaic and solar energy companies have become a pole of growth in China's energy sector

    The 2017 China top 500 enterprises list was released in nanchang on September 10, Affected by industry cycle, reduction of capacity policy, old and new energy conversion, etc.Coal enterprises in the top 500 enterprises have struggled to reverse losses, the cluster of new energy enterprises such as photovoltaic and solar energy is developing rapidly, it has become a pole of growth in China's energy industry.
    List data display, the 21 coal companies in the top 500 companies this year achieved a net profit of 19.31 billion yuan, most companies have " Out of the red", " Reduce the loss" or "Profit increase". Compared with last year, 26 of the top 500 companies have net profits of -14.595 billion yuan.
    It's worth noting, The shenhua group made a profit of 12.734 billion yuan on the list of the top 500 companies this year, filling a number of loss-making enterprise data.
    Contrast the tough turnaround in the coal industry, the cluster of new energy enterprises continues to develop rapidly. New energy companies entering the top 500 companies this year, except for changzhou tianhe light energy co., LTD. Revenue growth is only 5%, The other four companies have seen revenue growth of more than double digits.
    Among them, the company has successfully built a photovoltaic integrated industrial chain from silicon material to photovoltaic equipment manufacturing, system integration and solar power station, last year, revenue growth of 34.62 percent of revenue reached 107.408 billion yuan, which successfully entered the 100 billion enterprise cluster.
    ''In recent years, China's wind power equipment and solar industry have developed rapidly, China accounted for four of the top 10 wind turbine makers globally in 2016, global market share is 24 per cent.'' an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, Huang qili said, with the development of new energy production and research, national grid connection, new energy development will be supported more and more.

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