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The distributed pv in shaanxi province has exploded

    January to August this year, Distributed pv in shaanxi province has exploded, the number of new households is 3,276, year-on-year growth of 524 per cent, new generation capacity of 29.23 million kw, year-on-year growth of 887.5%. In recent years, The government of shaanxi province plans to implement the " Combating pollution and reducing smog, protecting the blue sky " action plan, Shaanxi province vigorously develops clean energy, full utilization of shaanxi pv industry chain integrity, solar energy is abundant, free from the advantage of abundant roof, vigorously promote the application of distributed photovoltaic power generation, a series of positive policies have been issued, accelerate the development of photovoltaic power generation applications, promote optimization and upgrading of energy structures, help "beautiful shaanxi" and "One Belt And One Road" construction. By the end of August, according to statistics, Shaanxi province has a total of 4816 distributed photovoltaic grid and a capacity of 41.331.9 million kilowatts.

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